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Safeguard your enterprise data with InfiniVault by SteelDome

Scalable archival cloud storage solutions for data retention, compliance and preservation

Data resilience is paramount because it ensures data integrity, availability, and security, even under adverse conditions like cyber attacks. Traditional methods of combating cyber attacks have generally involved various forms of firewalling, monitoring and detection. While certainly necessary, these only provide partial protection against what some experts in the industry view as an inevitability given enough time. To make matters worse, the security framework must also be built to protect the organization from its own employees (aka. insider threat). Considering all of these elements, coupled with the ever increasing complexity of today’s modern IT infrastructures, it’s no wonder why we read about security breaches on a daily basis. The industry needs a definitive approach to safeguarding the most important asset in the data center, which is the data itself.

SteelDome Data Resilience

Actively defend your data with InfiniVault by SteelDome

SteelDome's InfiniVault delivers a robust solution to safeguard data from cyber attacks, offering secure and resilient protection with verifiability. InfiniVault actively defends against ransomware, and can be seamlessly deployed on any infrastructure; ensuring the integrity and security of your data, providing a reliable defense against the evolving threat landscape of cyber attacks.

Introducing InfiniVault by SteelDome

  • Provider and/or geography diverse
  • Zero trust framework throughout
  • Live person multi-factor authentication
  • Non-disruptive scaling
  • Zero day defense
  • Live workload support
  • Protects OneDrive, Google Drive, many more
  • Protects O365 Mail, Gmail and many more
  • Fully provisioned and managed
  • Completely software based
  • Cloud backed with no egress fees
  • Static and affordable monthly cost
  • Nothing to learn or operate
  • Scale on-demand to unlimited capacity
  • No more migrations or refresh cycles
  • Compatible with all operating systems
Problems Solved

InfiniVault eliminates:

  • the need for physical storage resources
  • storage refresh cycles
  • managing complexities of the cloud
  • future capacity concerns; and
  • cost fluctuations and uncertainty
Use Cases

SteelDome's InfiniVault protects:

  • any backup archive data (i.e. Veeam)
  • file server and database data
  • virtual machine images
  • live workloads for instant recovery; and
  • WORM archives indefinitely
InfiniVault Data Sheet

Secure Your Digital World: The Power of InfiniVault

In today's fast-paced digital landscape, securing your data across various platforms and environments is not just a necessity—it's imperative. InfiniVault emerges as your ultimate solution, ensuring comprehensive protection and seamless access to your data, wherever you are, across any operating system.


Addressing the New Threat
in Modern IT Infrastructures

InfiniVault: A New Approach in the War Against Ransomware

The new era of digital defense is here