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Company Overview

Cyber strength starts
with SteelDome

About Us

SteelDome was founded with the core principle of safeguarding and preserving data in the face of countless threats. By harnessing robust software and the capabilities of both public and private cloud resources, we unlock a remarkable opportunity to deliver decentralized data protection, while benefiting from the efficiencies of scale.
Every SteelDome product is crafted with design principles that seamlessly blend simplicity, security, and the most cutting-edge software technologies available in the present day. This amalgamation results in a potent data protection solution, applicable to data of any size or complexity.

SteelDome Solutions

Solve your data storage & protection challenges with SteelDome Cyber.

Enterprise Storage

SteelDome's StratiSTOR delivers secure, resilient, enterprise-class cloud storage across any combination of systems to meet the demands of intensive, next generation workloads.

Enterprise Virtualization

Unlock the transformative potential of virtualization for your IT infrastructure with SteelDome's StratiSERV, an enterprise-grade virtualization hypervisor and management platform.


SteelDome delivers scalable, cost-effective solutions for secure, long-term data storage and compliance, utilizing a decentralized network to create immutable and verifiable historical data records.

Data Resilience

SteelDome's InfiniVault offers robust data resilience, providing secure protection against cyber attacks, including ransomware. Easily deployed on any infrastructure, it ensures data integrity and security, adapting to the evolving threat landscape.

Backup & Recovery

SteelDome offers resilient, customizable cloud storage for efficient data backup and recovery, enabling quick data restoration with timestamped snapshots across any combination of systems.

Managed Services

All-in-One Data Management for Archival, Backup, Recovery, and Compliance. Simplify from procurement to support with our comprehensive service bundles, ensuring seamless data protection and compliance.

Tony is the CEO and co-founder of SteelDome, a next generation security provider offering ransomware awareness service protection, endpoint protection, threat intelligence, and other leading industry services. Franchi has held senior management roles in the Telecommunications, IT Management/Security industry.

Tony has more than 21 years of experience, including driving revenue growth and scaling organizations. His entrepreneurial background and ability to commercialize technologies have enabled him to drive innovation to the market, empowering enterprises to achieve success.

Jeffrey is a senior technologist with over 20 years of experience in the fields of compute and storage virtualization, enterprise architecture and software development. Early in his career, Jeff managed information systems at Penn State University and led engineering teams at Iron Mountain and Citrix Systems.

He then founded a successful technology consulting firm focused on the newly emerging x86 virtualization market which was acquired by in 2009. Jeff continued with as VP of Virtualization Services and later as CTO designing and deploying what would become one of the most resilient service provider cloud platforms, achieving more than five years of continuous uptime for its enterprise cloud customers. More recently, he served as VP of Cloud and Managed Services at 365 Data Centers and directed enterprise systems engineering teams at DataCore Software and Pure Storage.

Rich is a business technology executive with over 30 years experience, and brings his extensive background in technology transformation, finance, strategic partnerships, and operational excellence to customers. Rich's unique approach drives profitability and easy to use technology solutions by aligning capabilities with desired business outcomes, competitive advantage and delivering operational excellence.
He helps companies achieve exceptional value becoming an extension of their team planning, selecting, and managing technology solutions. Rich has held senior leadership roles in Fortune 500 companies and achieved entrepreneurial success as founder and CEO of a successful technology cost optimization and managed services firm. Rich continues to be an active strategic advisor with top organizations, partners and consulting firms focused on integrating IT and business relationships.

Addressing the New Threat
in Modern IT Infrastructures

InfiniVault: A New Approach in the War Against Ransomware