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SteelDome Launches StratiSERV

New hypervisor solution paves the way for enhanced virtualization performance.
SteelDome Partners with Coro

SteelDome Partners with Coro

SteelDome is excited to announce our strategic partnership with Coro; expanding our cybersecurity offering.

SteelDome Storage Cluster technology

The Importance of Storage Cluster Technology

Discover the StratiStor difference and empower your business to unlock new levels of efficiency, reliability, and growth.

SteelDome Solutions

Solve your data storage & protection challenges with SteelDome Cyber

Enterprise Storage

SteelDome's StratiStor delivers secure, resilient, enterprise-class cloud storage across any combination of systems to meet the demands of intensive, next generation workloads.

Enterprise Virtualization

Unlock the transformative potential of virtualization for your IT infrastructure with SteelDome's StratiServ, an enterprise-grade virtualization hypervisor and management platform.


SteelDome provides scalable, cost-effective solutions for secure, long-term data storage and compliance. Utilizing a decentralized network to create immutable and verifiable historical data records, which are critical for auditing, research, and compliance purposes. 

Data Resilience

SteelDome's InfiniVault offers robust data resilience, providing secure protection against cyber attacks, including ransomware. Easily deployed on any infrastructure, it ensures data integrity and security, adapting to the evolving threat landscape.

Backup & Recovery

SteelDome offers resilient, customizable cloud storage for efficient data backup and recovery, enabling quick data restoration with timestamped snapshots across any combination of systems.

Managed Services

All-in-One Data Management for Archival, Backup, Recovery, and Compliance. Simplify from procurement to support with our comprehensive service bundles, ensuring seamless data protection and compliance.

Product Spotlight

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The InfiniVault
Meet InfiniVault
Your Ultimate Data Protection Appliance.


Unlocking rapid deployment within

30 mins

SteelDome Strategic Partnerships


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The Next Generation
Enterprise Storage System

StratiStor is a truly hardware-independent, massive-scale enterprise-grade storage platform delivering complete control and flexibility over the storage architecture, meeting the demands of intensive next generation workloads.
Read the Whitepaper: Unlocking the Global Datasphere